Trust CHRISTY DISTRIBUTION for the secure storage of your bulk materials and finished goods. Our state-of-the-art warehouse facility offers secure, monitored storage capabilities with large SKU capacity. We employ a meticulous receiving process that is supported by our advanced internal systems and technology.

This process includes the physical handling of products and materials; verification against the shipping manifest; prompt shelving in the appropriate bin/pallet location; and adjusting of inventory records in our system. Products are stored in bulk or placed on shelves for pick and pack fulfillment program execution. With our SmartTurn™ technology, our customers have complete visibility to this entire process.

All customer materials we receive and store in our warehouse are accounted for in CHRISTY’S Warehouse Management System. The system provides customers with real time access to information on inventory status, orders, and transactions. It also offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, providing complete visibility to the data you need to streamline your fulfillment program and improve your business.

CHRISTY’S shipping department facilitates the picking, packing, manifesting, freight consolidation and tracking of all required shipments to specified destinations. Our logistics arm supports the shipment of customers' products and materials through CHRISTY’S extensive carrier relationships.