Fulfillment & Distribution

One of the most mission-critical supply chain functions is fulfillment. No matter what business you're in, shipping your products to your customers quickly and accurately is vital to the long-term success of your business.

CHRISTY DISTRIBUTION is equipped to support a diverse range of fulfillment operations– from simple product distribution to complex fulfillment programs for all size businesses. The company's integrated turnkey offerings include pick and pack fulfillment, e-fulfillment, bulk fulfillment, light assembly and packaging and kitting.

Two-way radios, communication accessories, replacement parts, construction tools and equipment, fasteners, literature, ladders, … we have experience in handling fulfillment logistics for all types of products for our customers.

Need Serial or Lot # control? No problem. We ensure accuracy through our technology and the integrity of our team and work-flow processes.

We handle thousands of orders, managing each with a sense of urgency and the highest level of customer care. Whether your fulfillment requirements are for B2B or B2C shipments, count on CHRISTY to get your products there quickly, accurately, and at lower cost.